Boat rental in Copenhagen

By Jacob Christiansen

Last updated December 21, 2022

Renting a boat and getting the opportunity to experience Copenhagen from the water side is something everyone should experience. Fortunately, there are several different boat rental companies in Copenhagen, so you have plenty of opportunities to get out on the water. By renting a boat, you get an intimate trip on the water, where you choose the guests yourself. Here you are allowed to be the captain of your own boat and thus also decide the route yourself and which sights you want to sail past.

Rent a boat in Copenhagen

There are several boat rental companies in Copenhagen, all of which offer different options. If you don't want to be the captain yourself, but still want to sail with a smaller private party, it is possible to rent a boat where you get a private captain on board. In addition, it is possible to rent either electric or petrol-powered boats, depending on what you prefer. If you want to cherish the sustainable experience and at the same time enjoy the calm on the water without being bothered by engine noise, you can rent a boat with an electric motor. The design of the boats is different, and the size of the boats also varies, so you can choose the provider with a boat that suits your number of guests. There is also a difference in the speed of the boats, but what they all have in common is that you are not allowed to sail more than 6 knots in Copenhagen Harbor and 4 knots in the canals.

Most of the providers do not require proof or sailing experience when renting a boat, due to the size of the boats. This means that everyone has the opportunity to become part of the maritime universe. However, you will be instructed before you set sail so that you feel safe and secure. In addition, it is a common denominator that the captain must be 18 years of age, but all boat rental providers allow children of all ages to sail along as passengers. Life jackets are included in the rental prices and are available for both children and adults.

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Differences in boat rental

The various boat rental companies are located in different places around the Port of Copenhagen. You can e.g. ship out from Islands Brygge, Fisketorvet or Christianshavn, depending on which provider you choose. The prices vary according to the type of boat you choose, and everyone can therefore join. If you want a more intimate boat, the price is higher, but will also reflect a higher value. The price of renting a boat depends on how long you want to sail. All providers offer that the hourly price will be lower the longer you sail.

When you rent a boat for the first time, some questions will automatically arise before departure. And don't worry, it's completely normal! Therefore, we will try to answer some general questions below that arise when renting a boat.

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Be a tourist in your own city

By experiencing Copenhagen's sights on the water, you get to see the city from completely new angles and you may discover things you have never seen before. Around the city's canals, beautiful architecture and exciting sights rise up. No matter where in the Port of Copenhagen you sail to, there is something to talk about for young and old. Everything in the harbor helps to define and tell the story of Copenhagen. Read more about the attractions here.

Birthday, team building or a date on the water? There a many reasons to rent a boat

When you rent a boat, you choose who you want to have onboard, how long you want to sail and where the route goes. A boat trip therefore forms the perfect setting for many different events. Does your company need to move the meeting experiences out onto the water and create a more creative space? Or should you gather your closest friends for a different birthday celebration? The possibilities are endless when you rent a boat, and how the trip should be shaped is entirely you. Get inspiration for your next sailing trip here.

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Alternative to boat rental

If you prefer the whole trip to be planned in advance in order for you to just sit back while a guide talks about the city's sights, a trip with one of the larger harbor tours is preferable. There will be guided tours in Danish, English and German.

On one of the larger tours, there is even the option of hop on/hop off sightseeing. This means that you can hop on and off the boat as it suits you, and as often as you want from the various departure points. That way, you can easily get off the boat near the sights you want to explore and experience up close. On this type of harbor tour, you can also choose to remain seated for the entire trip, while you hear the story of Copenhagen's buildings and history with the audio guide in your ears.

Advantages of sailing with a large harbor cruise

  • You don't have to steer the boat yourself and just focus on enjoying Copenhagen
  • The trip is planned in advance
  • You can hop on and off as you please

Disadvantages of sailing with a large harbor cruise

  • With the audio guide in your ears, you are isolated to a greater degree from those you are with
  • It is difficult to enjoy food and drink as there is no table
  • You cannot book a place in advance, and therefore risk the boat being sold out on the day
  • You do not decide yourself who you sail with and where the trip goes

There are other ways to experience Copenhagen from the water side. You can rent a stand up paddle board or a kayak and paddle your way through the beautiful canals. You can also explore the harbor in a cheaper way, by taking a few stops with the Harbor Bus.

Mulighederne er mange, og valget er dit. Bådleje er for dig der ønsker en intim sejltur, hvor du selv har kontrol over oplevelsen. Uanset hvilken mulighed du vælger, ønsker vi dig en rigtig god tur på vandet!

Frequently asked questions when renting a boat

Can you sail in all kinds of weather?

As a starting point, you can sail in all kinds of weather. Rainy weather should not stop you from getting on the water, but very strong winds can be a reason why you should postpone the sailing trip for safety reasons. Therefore, always check the weather forecast before you go sailing.

Is alcohol allowed on a boat?

Everything in moderation, and we must remember to take each other into account in the harbour. Alcohol regulations depend on the operator, but the common rule is that the driver must remain sober during the trip.

Can you bring your dog on board?

It is possible to bring your dog with several of the providers, but you must bring your own life jacket if you wish.

Can you dock along the way?

Yes, as a rule, you are welcome to do so. However, for most providers, a minimum of 1 person must stay in the boat.

What do you do if you have to go to the toilet during a sailing trip?

It is possible to moor at several places in the port, from which public toilets are not far away.

Where can you sail?

It depends on which provider you choose. The larger boats do not have the opportunity to get under all the bridges in the Port of Copenhagen. Conversely, some of the larger boats are permitted to sail further north out of the harbour.

Can you bring your own food/drinks on the boat?

Most operators allow you to bring your own drinks and food on board, and a few of them even sell cold drinks, snacks and tapas on departure.

Can you listen to music on the boat?

There must be room for everyone, and we must remember to take each other into account – both on the water, but also for our neighbors who live next to the water. Therefore, it is not permitted to bring loudspeakers on the boats.

Can you swim from the boat?

It is a danger to yourself and other port users. Therefore, it is recommended that you bathe in one of the 9 bathing zones in the Port of Copenhagen instead.