Company and private events with GoBoat

Make your next company event, summer festivities, birthday celebration or other social event an unforgettable experience on the water with your colleagues and friends.

Sail around the Copenhagen Canals, Odense or Aarhus Harbor in a GoBoat and experience the city and its sights from the water. You'll discover a unique and relaxing social setting when you are sailing. The crew on board will be brought closer to each other, as deeper relationships are created on the water.

You can choose between different packages catered to your needs. Are you looking for "just" a sailing trip or do you want the luxury treatment? You can add a cap, beanie, picnic baskets or entertainment on board and even put your logo on the boats you sail in.

We offer packages starting from 24 people (3 boats) with up to 8 people in each boat. Our maximum capacity is 288 people in Copenhagen, 24 in Odense, 56 in Aarhus. We can accommodate many more people when you spread your booking over several hours.

big group to go sailing in rental boats copenhagen goboat
The simple one


  • Pleasant sailing trip
  • 8 people per boat


549 dkk

The one with extras


  • Pleasant sailing trip
  • 8 people per boat
  • Entertainment (GoBoat Challenge or StoryHunt)
  • A picnic basket with 1 licorice pipe and 1 beer or water per person plus 2 bags of chips for the boat


1008 dkk

The luxury one


  • Pleasant sailing trip
  • 8 people per boat
  • Entertainment (GoBoat Challenge or StoryHunt)
  • A picnic basket with 2 bottles of wine (white or rosé) and 4 water plus 2 bags of chips
  • Beanie or cap per person


2349 dkk

When purchasing a picnic basket, all products will be nicely packed and ready for you upon arrival. Further down the page you can read about other extras such as logo on boats and entertainment.

Please note that prices vary depending on location and time. All prices are ex VAT and a 10% handling fee, minimum 300 dkk. Payment: 100% when booking. Cancellation: full amount refunded up to 72 hours before your trip excluding the handling fee and any purchase of logo magnets. No refunds will be made thereafter.

GoBoat in Copenhagen

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Optimise your boating experience

Complete the maritime look and enjoy onboard entertainment

Company Magnet on the bow of the boat
Caps and beanies

Get the full maritime experience for your next adventure with a beanie or cap. The merch is ready for you when you check in.

129 dkk incl. VAT
Company Magnet on the bow GoBoat End Plastic Waste
Logo on bow of the boat

GoBoat gives you the opportunity to get your name/logo on the bow of the boat. You only need to send the logo file to us. GoBoat produces a reusable magnet that can be placed on the front of the boat when you go sailing. This provides both visibility when you sail around the harbor and creates a unique feeling for the people participating. At the same time, the custom-made magnets are really good for employees' pictures showing off your company on social media.

623,75 dkk incl. VAT per boat
GoBoat in Copenhagen

GoBoat Challenge
Challenge your fellow sailors on knowledge about the waters from all over the world. Two teams on the boat will battle it out over trivia. Who will win and get bragging rights? Read more here.

StoryHunt (Copenhagen)
This audio experience that takes you all the way back to 7th century Copenhagen and up to the present day. You'll listen to stories about the Port of Copenhagen during your trip as new audio stories are opened depending on where you are based on your phone's GPS. Read more here.

149 dkk incl. VAT per boat