GoBoat Cruise luksussejltur i København

Rent a private luxury boat with your own captain

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GoBoat Cruise and Cruise Lite: Choose between two luxury trips with captain

Do you want to experience the water in Copenhagen in a wonderfully relaxing way with friends, family or colleagues - without having to lift a finger? With our new Cruise concept, we offer two different types of boats and thus two different experiences. Common to both is that an experienced captain will sail you around as you wish, while you enjoy the surroundings, each other and the freedom! The two experiences:

  • GoBoat Cruise
  • GoBoat Cruise Lite

Luxury electric boats for a private harbor tour in the capital$

Enjoy the water in GoBoat Cruise and Cruise Lite's beautiful luxury electric boats that sail silently at up to 7 knots - a classic GoBoat sails at 4 knots. Both types of boats have comfortable cushions, speakers and the option of chilled drinks. Further down the page you can see and read more about the differences to help you choose the right cruise experience.

Leave the helm to the captain and enjoy each other's company

Experience Copenhagen in the most beautiful way - from the water. As a captain sails you around the city, you can enjoy the company of your friends, family or colleagues to the fullest. You don't have to worry about who's sailing. That's taken care of for you too.

Compare the benefits of sailing trips

Choose the right solution for your sailing trip with Cruise or Cruise Lite. If you're looking for a price-conscious solution, we recommend Cruise Lite, where you get most of the options but stay within the harbor and no swimming from the boat. With GoBoat Cruise, on the other hand, you can sail out of the harbor, swim from the boat and your boat is larger, which gives you more space.


GoBoat Cruise Lite

GoBoat Cruise Lite i Sydhavn

GoBoat Cruise

GoBoat Cruise

Choose your cruise experience

Both the GoBoat Cruise and Cruise Lite have room for 7 people (in addition to the captain). Choose the number of hours and start and end location. You can add drinks and snacks to the booking (own provisions are not allowed). The number of hours you can choose depends on the Cruise experience you select. Below you can read about some of the options.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

1 hour

Lite: explore the harbor

A shorter route where the boat trip only takes place in the harbor and through the cozy canals. Here you have the opportunity to enjoy more of the city's sights. Our experienced captain has suggestions for a route, but your input is very welcome. Add drinks and snacks when booking.


1.299 DKK

3 hours

Lite: to Reffen

On the longer tour, you'll have the opportunity to see the sights of the city and sail all the way up to Reffen. We recommend purchasing delicious food from our partners and drinks from our shop for the tour. There is plenty of time to stop at the off. bathing zones for a dip.


3.699 DKK

2 hours

Escape odyssey

This tour is a great way to see the sights of the city. Depending on where the tour starts from, the tour can also go out of the inner harbor. Here we speed up so you feel at one with the water. We recommend drinks and snacks from our shop.


3.899 DKK

4 hours

Escape odyssey

On the longer trip, there is extra time to sail out into the open sea past the Trekroner Fortress and out to Ungdomsøen. Once you're out of the harbor, it's possible to take a dip from the boat. With many hours on the water, it's always a good idea to order food from our partners, which we pick up on the way, and drinks on board.


7.699 DKK

mana goboat kaptajn siddeområde med sejlende

Pick-up and drop-off locations

You can be picked up and dropped off for free in Sluseholmen. If you want to be picked up or dropped off elsewhere, you can see the price below. The price is for either pick-up or drop-off. For example, if you want to be picked up and dropped off at Fisketorvet, it costs 2 x 499 DKK

  • Frederikskaj (+ 0 DKK)
  • Fisketorvet (+ 499 DKK)
  • Islands Brygge (+ 499 DKK)
  • Gammel Strand (+ 499 DKK)
  • Ofelia Plads (+ 499 DKK)
  • Toldboden (+ 999 DKK)
  • Sandkaj Nordhavn (+ 999 DKK) - not available for Cruise Lite

Enjoy an exclusive picnic at sea, with food from Nærvær

Experience an unforgettable culinary journey on board, where every bite brings you closer to gastronomic heaven. The food, picked up freshly prepared at Restaurant Nærvær, is a true feast for the senses.

Nærvær serves food of uncompromising quality with Mediterranean inspiration and a special focus on seasonal fish and vegetables.

Set sail from seven different locations in the harbor, where your captain will pick you up for a pleasant private canal cruise. Similarly, you can choose from the same seven locations in the harbor to be dropped off again.

All our captains have a licence so they can safely sail the boat without any problems. There are safety vests on board for everyone, and before departure you'll receive a safety introduction to ensure a safe experience.

Food and drink
If you have ordered snacks and drinks or entertainment, these will be available on the boat - see the selection here.
Please note: You are not allowed to bring your own food or drinks.

Number of hours
We have suggested routes, but we will of course adapt the tour to your needs and wishes. We can even continuously adapt it as the trip progresses. Choose between 1 and 4 hours for Cruise Lite or 2 and 5 hours for Cruise. If you have any questions about the route, you are always welcome to contact customer service.

It is possible to disembark the boat at various locations to use the restrooms. All boats are equipped with Bluetooth speakers (note max volume due to neighbors). With GoBoat Cruise you can swim in areas where it is allowed. There is a ladder on board so it's easy to get back on the boat. Remember to bring swimwear and towels. With GoBoat Cruise Lite you cannot swim directly from the boat, but the captain can take you to the marked swimming zones and harbor baths.

The story behind
GoBoat Cruise

GoBoat has been creating experiences on the water in Copenhagen since 2014. In the following years, GoBoat has expanded to Odense, Aarhus - 19 locations worldwide - including the UK, USA, Australia, Italy and Germany. The original boats are perfect for a picnic on the water, where you can sail the boat yourself and be the captain for a while.

But over the years, we have received many requests to be captained as a kind of harbor or canal tour. The wish has been to be able to sail privately, so that only your group sails with a captain. That's why from 2024 we're introducing GoBoat Cruise! Luxury electric boats with a captain for the most exquisite experience on the water in Copenhagen.

Our boats are manufactured by Danish Rand Boats - they are all electric and Danish designed by Carl Kai Rand.

Sail in style without worry with GoBoat Cruise. We take care of your group, who can look forward to luxury on the water.

Photo: Rand Boats

Find GoBoat Cruise in Copenhagen

  • Start and finish: We sail in the Port of Copenhagen. Find the seven different places to start and end your trip here.
  • Opening hours: 10.00am - sunset.
  • Public transportation: Take Bus 7A or 18 to Bådehavnsgade - or to the new Metro station, Sluseholmen, as soon as it opens June 22nd 2024.

    Find us with Google Maps here.

Luxury electric boats with GoBoat Cruise

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