You can do that before the sailing trip with GoBoat

By Andrew Rogala

Last updated December 20, 2022

Many prefer to arrive early for appointments and to be well prepared. The same often applies when guests go sailing with GoBoat. Although the recommendation is to arrive and check in 15 minutes before departure, it is very normal for guests to show up even earlier. Here we give some good advice on what you can do before the sailing trip with GoBoat starts.

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When you have to sail with GoBoat from Islands Brygge

We recommend that you and your fellow passengers show up 15 minutes before departure. On arrival at the base at Islands Brygge, simply go straight up to GoBoats GoDeli to check in. If the arrival takes place in a better time than this, we at GoBoat recommend that you stay on the green area in front of GoBoat and wait until there are 15 minutes to the booked time. Throughout the rest of the article, we have given suggestions on what to do before check-in and departure.

Possible pit stops during the trip

At GoBoat, it is not currently possible to go to the toilet before departure. It is therefore a good idea to do the necessary from home. If this is not possible, during the summer months you can use the public toilet, which is located on the green areas down to the water at Islands Brygge, close to GoBoat's base.

Should there still be a need for a visit to the toilet during the trip, there is also a possibility for that. There are 8 different places in Copenhagen Harbor where it is possible and permitted to moor the boat and go ashore to use the toilet. At the 8 locations, it is also possible to buy drinks, food or snacks. However, the rule is that one person must always remain in the boat while the remaining guests are on land.

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Photo: Abdellah Ihadian

List of places where you can dock a GoBoat:

  • Mille's Minis in Sydhavnen
  • Kahyt og Kaffe near Teglholmen
  • Islands Brygge Culture House
  • Green Island at Kalvebod Brygge
  • Kissing stairs at Ofelia Plads
  • Broen's street kitchen at Grønlandske Handels Plads
  • Christianshavn's boat rental in Christianshavn's Canal

On the map you can see exactly where the various mooring spots are located and where you can moor.

Buy food nearby or in our GoDeli

Islands Brygge Copenhagen Harbour Snacks GoDeli GoBoat Boat Rental

A boat trip with GoBoat is the perfect place to go for a floating picnic. In the middle of the boat there is a large table that is perfectly suited for the purpose. If you arrive without having thought about food and drink, there are opportunities to manage that part before departure. In GoBoats GoDeli there is a wide selection of drinks and snacks. If you wish to bring food on board, however, it must be ordered via online booking. If you fancy something completely different, fortunately there are also various options around Islands Brygge. Among other things, it is possible to buy Danish smørrebrød from T.S. Sandwiches, pastries from Andersen Bakery, sushi from Letz Sushi and much more, all within a 5 minute walk from GoBoat.

Plan your route on the map

While you still have the time, it's also a good idea to take a look at the map and make a plan for where the trip will go. The number of sailing hours is of course decisive for how far you can sail. Time estimates are written on the map to indicate how long the sailing time is from various places in the harbor to the bases. Those numbers are good indicators of how far you can actually go. If you are not quite sure of the route yet, the crew is always helpful with good ideas when the actual briefing takes place, shortly before departure.

Copenhagen Harbour Canals Christiansborg Castle Sightseeing GoBoat

If there are any specific sights or areas in the harbor that you want to sail by, read this article, where we have listed a number of the most popular sights that you can see from the water.

As the trip goes quickly around the harbor, there are a lot of precautions that are important to take into account. Before boarding, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the most basic sailing rules for Copenhagen Harbor.

Below we have listed the most important things you should be aware of on your sailing trip around the canals. These points are also marked on the map.

What to be aware of

  • Red markings indicate the areas where sailing is prohibited
  • “Stopping prohibited” In certain areas it is forbidden to stop for the sake of our neighbors in the port.
  • Shallow waters are marked with yellow buoys. It is a clear recommendation that you keep a good distance from these areas so that the boat does not run aground.
  • Navigation buoys tell you where you should position yourself in relation to the buoys. In the sailing direction heading towards Sydhavnen, the green buoys must be on the right side of the boat. In the direction towards Islands Brygge from the South Harbor, the green buoys must be on the left side in the sailing direction.
  • Quiet zone. Here you must keep the sound level to a minimum until you have passed the zone.
  • One-way traffic. In several places in the canals, there are rules for the sailing direction. On the map, the direction is marked with white arrows that indicate the sailing direction.
  • Light signals tell you when you can sail and when you have to wait. If you come to a channel with a red light, you must wait in the marked waiting areas until the light changes to yellow before you sail on.
  • Another thing that is marked on the map is the minutes to GoBoat base, which is marked in various places on the map. Here you can see how long it approx. will take to sail to the base at Islands Brygge.

Even if one person is appointed captain, it is a good idea if everyone on board has familiarized themselves with the rules and things to be aware of along the way. It can be made into a fun game, to keep an eye out for buoys, signs and other things that are marked on the map. Learn more about rules and buoys before you sail out here.

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See safety video

When booking online, the person who made the booking receives an email with instructions before departure. A safety video is also attached here, which should equip you and your fellow passengers for a safer trip on the water. The video can also be found here. If there is time for it before departure, it is a good idea to show the video to everyone who will be on board. In this way, everyone has received the same important information about the sailing trip, and everyone can be helped to remember rules for sailing and behavior.

Apply sunscreen in the summer

If it's a hot summer's day, and the sun is high in the sky, it's best to get everyone covered with sunscreen before departure. When you are on the water, there will be reflection from the sun in the water, and the skin is therefore exposed to extra radiation. On very hot days, when the UV index is high, it is therefore crucial for a pleasant trip that you are well prepared. It is also a good idea to have a sun hat on or with you. In this article you can read more about good advice for the right clothing according to the season.

Activities at Islands Brygge

Islands Brygge is an area full of life. If you take a walk along the water, you can see the old train tracks that have been preserved. The railway tracks were part of Amagerbanen which stretched 12 kilometers from Amagerbro to Dragør. If it's sunny and summer, you will experience an absolutely fantastic atmosphere around GoBoat. At our neighbors, Islands Brygge Havnebad, it is possible to swim for a while before you go out sailing with GoBoat, as it is forbidden to swim from our boats.

Activity for children on the water

Islands Brygge Copenhagen Harbour Family Activity Teaching Fun Starfish Mission Learning Boat Rental GoBoat

For the smaller sailors, the waiting time can be extra difficult. We have therefore created the Starfish Mission, which can already be used before departure. The Starfish Mission is an activity kit for 4-12 year olds who want to learn more about the maritime universe. The children are presented with maritime values, sailing rules and how important it is to help keep the harbor clean of rubbish in a fun and educational way. There is a task sheet and a set of knots included, so that the children can practice different sailing knots. The Starfish Mission is good entertainment for the little ones (and also their parents). It can be bought both by online booking or in our GoDeli at Islands Brygge.

Now you have read all our best advice on what you can do before the sailing trip with GoBoat. Have a great trip!Nu har du læst alle vores bedste råd til, hvad du kan lave inden sejlturen med GoBoat. God tur!

Frequently asked questions

Can you use the toilet at GoBoat?

Islands Brygge:
GoBoat does not have its own toilet. From 1 April to 30 September, the public toilet on the green areas at Islands Brygge is open for use. It is therefore always a good idea to go to the toilet at home.

At Teglværket you can use a toilet during opening hours.

Can you buy food and drink at GoBoat?

It is possible to buy a wide selection of drinks and snacks at GoBoat at Islands Brygge.

How many people can be in a boat?

There is room for 8 people. All - adults, children and babies count.

Is it easy to sail a GoBoat?

As long as you are over 18, it should be fine to sail a GoBoat. It does not require a sailing license or additional experience. Before setting sail, the sailing captain is briefed by the crew, so it will be a safe experience at sea.

Do you have to bring life jackets yourself?

No, life jackets are included in the price. Life jackets for adults are placed in the boat, while life jackets for children (up to 5 kg) are provided by the crew.