Go for a different experience in Copenhagen

By Eric Ziengs

Last updated November 13, 2023

We all know the feeling of running out of ideas and lacking inspiration for what to do when you want to enjoy yourself with your friends or family. Often it is the same activities that you do over and over again. Although it is nice to play ball with friends, meet at the regular café or go to Tivoli with the family, a little change can sometimes be needed. Go on a different experience in Copenhagen. A sailing trip on a rented boat provides an intimate and enormously cozy atmosphere. Here you have the opportunity to talk, laugh and enjoy yourself as much as you want while experiencing Copenhagen and the atmosphere on the water. The next time you have to suggest an activity to your friends, we recommend a trip on the water.

A different way of celebrating your birthday

Throw a birthday your guests will never forget. It can sometimes be difficult to come up with things that will make the birthday celebration both cozy and entertaining, and perhaps a little different. We have a suggestion - invite your guests to a birthday party on the water, and have a different experience in Copenhagen. Whether you are turning 10, 50 or 70, we will create the perfect setting for a festive and cozy day. Bring your own birthday cake, champagne or whatever you need to make the day really special.

Whether you want to celebrate an anniversary, a work-related success, a birthday, a class event, or something completely different, you can do it on the water. We will do our best to create the perfect setting for your particular event.

The perfect date is on the water

Do you lack inspiration for your next date? And do you know someone who needs a little extra pampering?
The atmosphere at sea can be enchanting, and a sailing trip on the water creates the perfect setting for a romantic date. As an alternative to a trip to the cinema or a dinner at a restaurant, you can invite your date to a different and intimate experience on the water. The calm on the water and the slow pace of the boat gives you time to relax and enjoy each other's company. You will pass sights that you can admire and talk about. We promise that the date won't be boring, even if the pace slows down. We guarantee that you will be brought closer together and have an experience out of the ordinary.

You are welcome to bring your own drinks and food, to enjoy along the way. Otherwise, you have the opportunity to buy both wine, beer and snacks in our Godeli at Islands Brygge before you set sail. Our picnic table in the middle of the boat sets the perfect setting for a cozy and comfortable dinner.

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Photo: Abdellah Ihadian

The perfect proposal

If you lack inspiration for a different proposal, invite your lover out on the water and surprise him/her with an unforgettable experience. We have previously had great success with proposals onboard our boats - 100% have said YES. So if you are playing with the idea of proposing, we would very much like to create the perfect setting for you on that very special day.

Experiences with children

Does your family need to experience something different? Maybe you are looking for an activity for the weekend? Gather the family and go on an adventure in Copenhagen Harbor. The kids will love it at least as much as you will. A boat trip is a good way to be together as a family. You have space and time to enjoy yourselves and relax, but at the same time also have the opportunity to activate the children. At GoBoat, the younger guests can take fishing nets with them on the sailing trip and help take care of the sea by collecting rubbish. In addition, the children can see Copenhagen's sights along the way.

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Photo: Abdellah Ihadian

Lunch on the water

Take your next lunch appointment out on the water. Enjoy a lunch while you get fresh air, experience beautiful Copenhagen and enjoy the company you have chosen to sail with. At GoBoat we offer the option of ordering food for the sailing trip for a selected period, and otherwise you are welcome to bring your own food on board. There are also many wonderful take-away options near GoBoat on Islands Brygge, so you can get it just the way you want it.

Meeting room on the water

Har din virksomhed brug for at variere mødeomgivelserne for at styrke samarbejde If your workplace needs to shake things up in regards to the environment surrounding meetings in order to strengthen collaboration and creativity, then a meeting on the water is just the thing for you. On the water, a completely different intimacy is created than you can achieve in a closed meeting room. The participants will be constantly stimulated by changing surroundings and fresh air, which stimulates creativity and thus strong relationships and the possibility of better sales can truly flourish.

At GoBoat, we have created GoBoat Business to help employees develop socially and creatively. You can read more about GoBoat Business here.

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Photo: Abdellah Ihadian

Sightseeing at sea

Whether you play tourist in your own city, or come from afar to experience beautiful Copenhagen, a trip on the water is an alternative form of sightseeing and an absolutely fantastic way to experience the city. From the water side you can experience several of Copenhagen's sights, including Amalienborg, Christiansborg and Thorvaldsen's museum. You can read more about the various sights and attractions that you can see from the water here.

A great idea for a gift

A sailing trip on the water is the perfect gift for a family member, colleague, distant relative, friend or acquaintance that you want to treat with something special. No sailing experience is required to sail a GoBoat, which is why it is a gift that everyone can use. You can buy a gift card for a different experience in Copenhagen right here, and have it delivered by mail immediately. It is a gift that will go straight to the heart.

The possibilities are endless - we look forward to welcoming you on the water!

Need more inspiration? Momondo has made a great guide for Copenhagen that you can read here.

Frequently asked question

Are there requirements for how many people are in the boat?

You can be between 1 and 8 on each boat, so it is obvious for both the intimate date and the larger gathering for a birthday. Whoever sails the boat must be at least 18 years old, but otherwise all ages are welcome on board the boats.

What can we do when there are more than 8 of us who want to sail?

The boats have a maximum capacity of 8 people. If there are more than 8 of you, you can rent several boats at once and share them. GoBoat are electrically powered boats and therefore completely silent. They are therefore absolutely perfect when there are several boats sailing off together, as you can easily talk across the boats.

Can you bring food and drink on board?

Yes please! GoBoat is equipped with a picnic table, so you can enjoy a lunch or snacks on the sailing trip. You can buy food and drink in our GoDeli at Islands Brygge, bring your own from home or buy from nearby takeaway places. Read more about the perfect picnic here.

What can you do on the boat?

There are many different things you can do on the boat. You can eat a nice picnic on the boat while experiencing Copenhagen's sights. It is also possible to borrow fishing nets and collect rubbish during the sailing trip, thus helping to keep the harbor clean. It is also possible to buy some entertainment on the boat, this will appear when you order a boat via our booking system.

Do you need a driver's license to sail?

Sailing a GoBoat requires neither a driver's license nor sailing experience. Before departure, the crew gives a thorough review of the boat's functions and rules for sailing. We don't send anyone out who feels out of place. Anyone can sail a GoBoat after a tutorial.