Sauna by GoBoat in Copenhagen

SAUNA by GoBoat

Sauna by GoBoat

During winter 2021/2022 copenhageners as well as tourists had the pleasure of experiencing GoBoat's sauna pop-up in the center of Copenhagen. After a succesfull first season the sauna has moved on to GoBoat in Berlin, on the river spree.

With Sauna by GoBoat we rethink the Scandinavian sauna tradition, where you get all the joys of being one with the water in a safe and aesthetic setting. The unique developed floating sauna is designed in the Scandinavian spirit with beautiful, bright and sustainable wood.

The sauna isn't available for booking during 2023/24.

This is what you need to know about Sauna by GoBoat


During winter 2021/2022 the pop-up sauna was located in the center of Copenhagen. The sauna has now moved on to GoBoat in Berlin.


The sauna has room for maximum 12 persons. The price is the same no matter the amount of people. When you get the urge to cool down you can use the russian bath (cold water bucket) on the outer side of the sauna. The sauna experience can be booked online and does not require a membership.

Find inspiration in our article universe. We'll provide you with 9 reasons to visit a sauna and good advices to start your winter bathing and sauna guss journey.

The concept

In 2021 GoBoat opened a floating sauna on the water in the center of Copenhagen. In the new sauna concept there's room for everybody - from the experienced sauna enthusiasts to the novice, who just wants to enjoy the view in aesthetic surroundings.

Sauna by GoBoat in Copenhagen


Aesthetic, respect for our surroundings and the environment are values close to the heart of a Dane. In the sauna copenhageners and visiting tourists can now also enjoy the beautiful sights of the city during winter.

Copenhagen sauna GoBoat


Sauna is about community, well-being and connection with the nature. The sauna experience is often equals quality and togetherness. In here you can step into a breathing hole away from your busy day.

Sauna experience cph with GoBoat


According to studies going to a sauna has great advantages such as relaxation of the body's muscles and greater blood flow, which can lower blood pressure. In addition, the sauna experience is the direct path to well-being and the feeling of doing something good for yourself.


We care about the sustainable experience in order for us to leave as little footprint on nature and the water environment as possible.

Therefore, for many years we have developed our own type of boat that sets new standards for sustainable experiences on the water. The floating sauna is the world's first catamaran boat built in recyclable bio-composite of 30% flax fibers and 70% basalt. It is a highly innovative material with minimal impact on the climate and with a long life spand.

The sauna is build by GoBoat’s sister company SEANICS and is supported by VELUX and Innovationsfonden amongst others.

sauna copenhagen

GoBoat and sauna on the water

The founding stones to GoBoat was laid by Anders, Carl and Kasper I 2013 and already in 2014 the first sustainable boats came to the Copenhagen Harbor. Today you’ll also find GoBoat in Aalborg, Odense, Aarhus, on four locations in Australia, three in London, one in Sweden and one in Germany.

The next natural chapter towards opening the water up for everybody is by exploiting the colder months where there is less sailing guests. The idea about a floating sauna is the perfect opportunity to offer sustainable experiences on the water all year round.

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