Alcohol policy

GoBoat’s alcohol policy has been developed after lots of deliberation taking various conditions into consideration. To us, freedom on the water is essential, but safety must always come first. Out on the water there should be room for everyone and that’s why we urge you to be good neighbours for those who live close to the harbour. This alcohol policy applies to anyone who sails with GoBoat and must be adhered to at all times.

Fortunately most of our guests follow the rules. However, we need to emphasise that guests that do not comply with the alcohol policy will be rejected without a refund. We reserve the right to interrupt an ongoing sailing trip, if one or more guests do not adhere, without a refund. Our service boat sails around the harbour to help our guests. If we receive a message about drunkenness or any anti-social behaviour this will be forwarded to the service captain will be patrolling the canals to make sure everything is in order.

To put it simply: you’ll have the best trip by respecting our alcohol policy and everyone else who’s on the water.

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Photo: Andrew Rogala

Alcohol policy in short

All on board
  • All persons on board is allowed to consume the maximum of 2 items. This does not mean that you can show up drunk and still bring out the 2 items. We do not tolerate drunkness.
Alcohol percentage
  • You're only allowed to bring beer, cider, wine, bubbles and pre mixed alcohol onboard.
  • The alcohol percent can be no more than 15%. This means that straight sprits are not allowed.
  • You're only allowed to bring 2 items per person.
  • If the boat is full (8 persons) you're allowed to bring 16 beers or 2 bottles of wine.
Brought or purchased drinks
  • You're welcome to bring your own drinks as long as you follow the alcohol policy.
  • You can buy beer, wine and bubbles at GoBoat. To do it online is the easiest. In that way we can prepare what you ordered. You can always buy what you need at check in.
Violation of GoBoat's alcohol policy
  • If you show up drunk at check in you will not be allowed in the boat and there's no possibility of a refund.
  • if you show up at check in with more or stronger alcohol than allowed you cannot sail out until you have disposed of the alcohol. GoBoat reserves the right to confiscate alcohol that's is not permitted. You will get back the alcohol after the trip has ended.

This policy can sound a bit harsh, but we need to secure the safety of our guests (including yours) and everyone else on the water. Besides, we all know the people tend to be a bit more reckless when being drunk. Unfortunately we have experienced guests jumping in the water, making a lot of noise and urinating in the water. Neither is allowed. And we always need to take care of others in the harbor. Drunkness unfortunately increases the risk of collisions on the water and of moored vessels. We must avoid that at all costs.

We hope for your understanding and hope you'll have a wonderful trip in the Danish waters.

Thank you in advance for helping us make the harbor a safe space for everyone.