Meetings on the water

What if you could book a boat to host your meeting?

We all know the feeling of getting tired after having spent most of the day in enclosed meeting rooms where the air gets heavier and heavier. Why not supplement the meeting room with a boat with plenty of air under the open sky? It supports new thoughts and opens up employees’ creativity.

During the daytime, it is like having the harbour to yourself as it is not as busy as in the afternoon and on weekends. You get the peace to talk about projects, brainstorm, have one-on-ones, sales meetings that impress your potential buyers or hold a department meeting. Our sustainable electric motors are not noisy either.

Two solutions that open the water for your employees. We offer opportunities in Copenhagen, Odense and Aalborg.

Punch card or your own boat at selected times

Punch card: Free tour for every 10 trips

Here you buy a voucher valid for x number of sailing trips of 1-hour duration valid for three years.

With a punch card, you can book a boat whenever you want. Do not worry about payment as this part is arranged in advance. You just go directly to the booking system and book a boat and a time among the available times and complete the booking by using your punch card. 

The punch card is not personal and can therefore be divided into a department between managers.

Prices ex vat:

  • 10 tour passes: DKK 3.593 (including one free trip)
  • 20 tour passes: DKK 7.186 (including two free tours)

If you are interested please contact us at with contact info and specify your needs, and we will return as soon as possible.

Your own boats in the harbour

With this solution, you have one or more boats ready for you for one or several specific periods. Then you should not worry about having to go through the booking system again and again but simply show up at the base in Copenhagen, Odense or Aalborg within the periods – just remember to coordinate internally. It is like having your own boat waiting in the harbour. The meetings could be:

  • Weekly one-on-ones or departmental meetings
  • Sales meetings
  • Management- or project meetings
  • Brainstorm or status meetings

We recommend meetings that do not require too much equipment although you can easily bring a computer. We can also make sure that there is catering for the meetings.

If you are interested please contact us at with contact info and your thoughts and we will return as soon as possible.

Your logo on our boats

goboat virksomheder møder på vandet
goboat sociale events på vandet

When having meetings on our boats, we offer you the opportunity to brand your company’s logo on a magnet on the bow. This creates a safe and familiar environment for employees. The magnets are placed on the bow of the boat and create visibility while sailing around the canals.

The magnet can be taken on and off, and can therefore be reused. In this way, it can be included every time you have a meeting on the water to make it a recognizable experience. 

A magnet costs DKK 499 ex vat.