GoBoat for companies

The water offers many opportunities for companies. Being on the water creates a unique feeling of togetherness and presence between people. Presence on and by the water is an obvious way to boost morale in the workplace. Think of festive events, anniversaries, meetings on the water, brainstorming, sales meetings or use our location as a venue to an event combined with a boat trip.

We offer you Copenhagen, Odense and Aalborgs best views with a boat trip around the canals and harbours. Enjoy the sights, enjoy togetherness and talk without distractions. A boat trip is ideal for an informal meeting on the water or if the company needs a nice time where the social is in focus. 

Our boats are powered by electricity, making them environmentally friendly boats and it ensures a silent sailing experience. You can therefore easily take many boats off at the same time and talk across the boats.

Are you interested in an informal meeting or a nice gathering?

Meetings on the water

Could you use more informal meeting environments where there is air and high ceilings? Department meetings, sales meetings or kick-off.

Social sailing or major event

A boat trip for the whole company – perhaps combined with an event on land by our boats. Have your summer party, anniversary or a conference.

We take care of all the practicalities with safety, sailing routes and will instruct you to use the boats. We can also help with catering, entertainment, captain hats, etc.