Experience Odense Harbor from the water

By Jacob Christiansen

Last updated January 10, 2023

The formerly busy industrial harbor has flourished and become a new and modern part of the city of Odense. In 1992, the Port of Odense began its transformation from an important import terminal to a new recreational area. The large industrial area has made it possible to create a creative breathing space, close to the city. With GoBoat you get the opportunity to experience Odense Harbor and canal from a completely new perspective.

The Port of Odense offers, among other things, modern architecture, a harbor beach, historic buildings and much more. We have made a list of the sights and buildings you will encounter on your sailing trip, which we find particularly noteworthy.

Canal Odense Harbour

North Atlantic House

In 2013, the North Atlantic House was built on the harbor's culture and experience area, Byens Ø, and thus became one of the first new buildings at the Port of Odense. In the Nordic culture house, you have the opportunity to experience a combination of Greenlandic, Faroese, Icelandic and Danish culture. The house performs a number of different functions. On the ground floor you will find cultural experiences, such as exhibitions and lectures. In addition, it is possible to enjoy Nordic-inspired gourmet food from Restaurant Nordatlanten or shop for North Atlantic clothing and jewelry. The Greenlandic House and the North Atlantic associations are located on the first and second floors. Among other things, these associations act as a social meeting place for Greenlandic residents in Odense. In addition, the associations carry out a number of functions within both the educational and social fields.

North Atlantic House was built to create the framework for associational life across and individually in the Nordic countries. The culture house is a unique opportunity for curious citizens to gain an insight into the different cultures. In addition to being a North Atlantic cultural center, there are 25 youth homes in "Tårnet".

See more about the many options available in North Atlantic House here.

Nordatlantisk Hus

Odin's Bridge

With its nearly 200 meter span, Odin's Bridge is Northern Europe's largest swing bridge. Odin's bridge was completed in 2014 and has since made it easier for motorists and cyclists, north of Odense, to get to and from the city. Odin's bridge crosses the Odense canal, which was excavated in 1803 to make Odense Harbor a reality. The canal runs from Odense Fjord into Odense Harbour. When ships that are taller than six meters have to go under the bridge, Odin's bridge can rotate its approximately 100-meter-long parts, so that free passage is created. With its four lanes and double-sided cycle path, Odin's bridge has since 2014 led traffic around Odense Harbour. This has meant that the flourishing cultural life has been given space to unfold at Odense Harbour, without being disturbed by pulsating traffic.

When a name had to be found for the new and striking bridge over the Odense canal, a naming competition was set up. Here, 120 imaginative citizens came up with their proposal for the new name. The bridge ended up with the name "Odin's Bridge". The name is inspired by the story of Odense's town name, which is named after the Norse god Odin.

Sailing with GoBoat Odense near Odins Bro

Odense Harbor Bath

The harbor bath, in inner Odense Harbour, was opened in 2013 for all swimming enthusiasts. The harbor bath is open all year round and the 33 meter long pool can accommodate 300 guests at a time. The harbor bath is open every day, except for December 24 and January 1. It is possible to use changing rooms, locked cupboards, showers and a sauna for all visiting guests.

The harbor bath is free for everyone and is ideal for a refreshing dip after a sailing trip. During the summer months, when the sun often shines brightly over the harbor basin, Odenseans gather to cool off. During winter, winter bathers can use the modern saunas after a cold dip in the pool. In winter, the water is partially heated to keep the pool ice-free, so it is still possible to use it. Due to the water quality in Odense Harbour, the harbor basin is separate from the harbor water. When you see the harbor bath from the water side, you can see that the basin is raised above the water.

Odense Harbour Bath

The Promenade City

At the quay below Promenadebyen, GoBoat has its base. GoBoat has become part of an area that reflects the modern and distinctive architecture of Odense Harbour. The maritime promenade in front of the residential buildings is a balanced facility that breaks the tight and modern architecture. The promenade was completed in 2007.

Promenadebyen currently consists of five modern apartment complexes, which are the first of eight planned. In addition to the eight apartment complexes, additional eight smaller buildings will be built immediately behind, and together they will create the framework for a luxurious apartment district, close to the water and the city. Årstiderne Architects is behind the design, which houses some of Odense's most luxurious apartments, overlooking the harbor. The buildings are up to 10 storeys high and help to create a dynamic city life on and around the harbor.

Promenadebyen in Odense

Odense Harbor Beach

On your sailing trip with GoBoat, you will pass the 800 tonnes of sand that form the framework for Odense Havnestrand. The artificial harbor beach, which was created in collaboration between the Port of Odense and Odense municipality, has been a permanent part of the area since 2013. It is possible to buy cold refreshments from Fodboldfabrikken's cafe, located just behind the beach.

When you sit back in your armchair with a drink in your hand, you almost get the feeling of being on holiday. On a hot summer day, the harbor beach is extremely attractive and people dressed in summer outfits enjoy soaking up the sun under the palm trees.

Odense Harbour Beach

The FAF Building

The large and iconic FAF building is hard to overlook when you are around the Port of Odense. The large white building was built in 1962 and housed the animal feed factory, Fyns Andels Foderstofforretning - also better known as FAF. The building is empty today, after FAF decided to move their production. However, the building was not allowed to remain empty for long. A number of artistic souls saw potential in the large factory premises, and the factory has hosted several cultural events.

From 2016 to 2018, the FAF building was used as a temporary exhibition hall for Kunsthal ULYS, which during the period had exhibition rooms on the ground floor. In addition, the FAF building was also used during the PHONO festival, which in 2017 held an electronic love party on the ground floor. The FAF building is located on the sealed off silo island. With GoBoat you get a unique opportunity to see the large building up close. You can book your boat here.

The FAF Building in Odense with a GoBoat

The Sailing and Motor Boat Club FREM

The small number of yachts that dock in Odense Harbor represents the Sailing and Motor Boat Club FREM. In the boat club, it is possible for recreational sailors to make a stop on their trip past Odense. The small cozy club has good facilities such as a covered terrace, barbecue options, toilets and good bathing conditions. The sailing and motor boat club has a unique location only 15 minutes' walk from Odense city center. The members of FREM have the opportunity to easily get to and from city life after a sailing trip on the water.

Sejl og motorbådsklubben In Odense


Where do I need to be extra aware in Odense harbor?

When you sail in Odense harbor you need to be extra aware of bigger boats sailing in and out of the harbor. They may have difficulty maneuvering around you, and you must therefore avoid sailing too close to them.

Is it allowed to bring food and drinks when sailing with GoBoat?

Yes. In a GoBoat all passengers are placed around a picnic table which is ideal to enjoy a nice picnic from. There's a lot of different options in Odense Harbor to buy food to bring on your sailing trip.

How many people are allowed on a GoBoat?

In a GoBoat there's room for 8 people. The person sailing the boat must be minimum 18 years, but a sailing certificate is not required.

What's the best way to experience Odense Harbor?

Odense Harbor is amazing to experience from the water. With GoBoat you'll get the opportunity to go on an adventure in a nice and steady tempo.

Can the boat be moored in Odense Harbor?

Ja det er tilladt at fortøje båden i udvalgte områder, så I kan holde en pause. Se vores kort over Odense Havn, hvor fortøjningsområderne er markeret.

Yes it's allowed to moore the boat selected places. You can see them here.