Swimming leads to fines and expulsion

We know it's tempting to jump into the cool water when you're on a GoBoat. The sun is shining and you need to cool down, but swimming from a GoBoat is strictly forbidden. It is not allowed to swim outside the marked bathing zones/harbor baths in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Odense. By swimming, you risk fines from the police and expulsion from the GoBoat.

Safety when sailing with GoBoat

One thing is that it is illegal to swim from a GoBoat, another is that there is also a lot of risk involved. When sailing around the harbor at our Danish locations, there are often many other vessels that don't necessarily see people swimming. As a swimmer, you are therefore not only a danger to yourself, but also to others.

We recommend that you swim either before or after your GoBoat sailing trip in the marked zones where it is allowed.

Bathing and dipping zones

In Copenhagen Harbor there are several bathing and dipping zones where swimming is allowed.

  • Bathing zone Halfdansgade on Islands Brygge
  • Bathing zone Kalvebod Bølge
  • Bathing zone Byskoven
  • Bathing zone Havnevigen
  • Bathing zone La Banchina
  • Bathing area 'Vandtrappen' Richard Boones Vej
  • Bathing area Sandkaj
  • Bathing zone Refshalebassin
  • Bathing zone Teglholm Brygge
  • Dip zone Kalvebod Bølge
  • Dip zone Sandkaj
  • Dive zone Havnegade right by SoHo House

Whether you want sand under your feet or just want to jump straight into the water from a harbor bath, you'll find both options in Aarhus.

  • Bassin 7 harbor bath
  • The permanent bathing establishment
  • Bellevue beach
  • Ballehage beach
  • Moesgaard beach

Harbor bath, outdoor pool or swimming lake in Odense.

  • Odense harbor bath
  • Odense outdoor pool
  • Tarup Davinde swimming lake

4 important GoBoat rules

  • It is not allowed to swim from the boat
  • It is not allowed to bring loudspeakers and play music on board
  • It is not allowed to urinate from the boat
  • It is not allowed to consume more than 2 units of alcohol per person
GoBoat's 4 No Go's