Maps of GoBoat's sailing areas in Denmark

Are you ready to set sail for a maritime adventure? Below we have collected maps of our Danish sailing areas so you can feel safe on the water. In addition to recommended routes and information about the port’s rules, you can also find out which sights you can experience. 

Choose between the digital versions of maps of Copenhagen, Odense and Aarhus below. These are the same as the one you find in the boat.

GoBoat has 15 locations around the world. In addition to Denmark, the countries include Sweden, England, Germany and Australia. Each base is opened with the same vision. Namely to offer a sustainable experience on the water, where social interaction and freedom are in focus. The blue urban space provides a new, special perspective on the cities and harbor areas, and this creates joy for GoBoat guests. A trip on the water gives the feeling of freedom as you are your own captain. GoBoat makes the water accessible to everyone.

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5 star Copenhagen

5 star Odense

5 star Aarhus