Copenhagen: On land and at sea

Experience Copenhagen in a way you may not have tried before.

With this unique package for companies and groups with a minimum of 24 people, you have everything you need to have on a good day of fun, with social activities at sea and on land as well as a delicious treat to start the day. 

At the full-day event participants simply have to pick up breakfast and the mystery. From here entertainment is provided in today’s programme which spreads around the streets and canals of Copenhagen. You can register from 24 to 288 people and the entire event will take place outside in a safe setting. 


Price for the whole day, including vat

Monday to Friday: 449 kr. per person

Saturday and Sunday: 549 kr. per person


  • 09:30: Pick up the murder mystery from Solve a Mystery and breakfast at Blox Eats (Meyers at Bryghusgade 16). Breakfast consists of to-go coffee and a delicious croissant.
  • 10:00: The mystery starts at Marmorbroen.
  • 12:00: The mystery ends at Christiansborg Slotsplads after which you will go to GoBoat on Islands Brygge. Optionally you can buy food along the way, which can be enjoyed on the boat. It is recommended to use a toilet before departure (link her til FAQ med toilet).
  • 12:45: Check in at GoBoat.
  • 13:00: Departure from GoBoat.
  • 15:00: Back at GoBoat at the latest.

Meyers at BLOX EATS

BLOX EATS is part of Meyers. Ecology is the starting point for food and beverages in BLOX EATS. The café is open all days of the week where breakfast and Solve a Mystery are picked up. It is a five minute walk from BLOX EATS to the start of the Solve a Mystery game. This is explained in the material provided together with the breakfast. Remember to tell your name and number of people participating.


Solve a Mystery

Based on murder mysteries comitted in Copenhagen you as a group are tasked with finding the right killer in the case. The game takes you on a 2 km route around the streets of Copenhagen where you continuously collect information and clues that will ultimately help you identify the killer. The mystery ends close to GoBoat so you can walk from there to GoBoat and on the way buy lunch to enjoy on the boat trip. Drinks and snacks can also be purchased at GoBoat.


Experience Copenhagen from the water side. A boat trip with GoBoat with room for 8 persons in each boat is always an intimate experience that greatly provides nice conditions for good talks without distractions. With beautiful architecture and historic buildings along the canals the boat trip is both visually stimulating but also an obvious place for immersive conversations. There is a very special calmness on the water that opens up a creativity that can be difficult to achieve in enclosed spaces.

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