We have selected various maritime accessories to complete your captain's look and your perfect boat trip. Order the items when you book online or directly when you check in. See the selection below or view the full menu for Copenhagen, Odense or Aarhus.

Captain's Hat

GoBoat captain hat in navy with GoBoat logo. Available for both children and adults. Inform the crew about your preferred size before departure.

picnic basket-Skipper's Supplies

Available: Copenhagen, Odense, Aarhus
Price: 129 dkk

Rain Poncho

Rain poncho in 100% biodegradable plastic, as it is made of compostable corn starch. Can be reused. One size fits all.

picnic basket-Sailor's Favourite

Available: Copenhagen, Odense, Aarhus
Price: 35 dkk

Heated Seat

Choose between 3 heating settings, and enjoy the beautiful harbour with the comfort of heated seating. Only available in Copenhagen during winter.

picnic basket - Family Favourite

Available: Copenhagen
Price: 49 dkk per seat